The Guild of Masons, Paviours, Tylers, Bricklayers, Plaisterers, Joyners, Glaziors, Plombiers

& Wrights of Scotland.

This year the Annual Assembly of the Grand Sanhedrin of Guild Masonry took place on Saturday 17th June 2023




The Three Masters 2023


Officers and Visiting Guests at our Annnual Assembly 17th June 2023

A Brief History of the Grand Sanhedrin

Operative Freemasonry in Scotland in the 20th. Century had something of a stuttering existence. While the Order was active in the 1920s and 30s, it became dormant after the Second World War and indeed, Guild Masonry only survived due to the determined efforts of the Head of the Order, Captain Jock Hay of Dalgetie.
Captain Hay resurrected Guild Masonry in Aberdeen in the 1960s and the Aberdeen Guild Lodge was the sole font of Operative Masonry in Scotland until 1992 when Captain Hay issued his personal Warrant, founding a second Guild Lodge in Greenock in 1992.
In 1993, another Operative Lodge was established at Keith but this body was founded without the authority of Captain Hay and thus its formation was somewhat dubious.
The Three Guild Lodges continued to work as individual bodies but over the period 1997 to 2000, increasing contact had been made between all three with respect to the possibility of formalizing their relationship and thereafter establishing a governing body to regulate and manage Operative Masonry in Scotland.
These discussions and negotiations culminated in a joint meeting of the three Guild Lodges held in Perth in June in the year 2000. Administrative difficulties were resolved and all representatives at the Meeting agreed that founding of a Grand Body would be a worthwhile objective as such a body would both protect and promote Guild Masonry within Scotland. The main point of agreement which allowed continued negotiation, was the general acceptance of the three Guild Lodges of the Rituals of the Order as held in ms form by Captain Hay.
After much additional correspondence and telephone discussion, members of Aberdeen Guild Lodge, Glasgow & Auld West Guild Lodge and Moray Firth Guild Lodge, met in the Premises of Lodge Scoon and Perth No. 3, on 16th June 2001 and the Grand Sanhedrin of Masons, Paviours, Tylers, Plaisterers, Bricklayors, Joyners, Glayziors, Plombiers and Wrights of Scotland. was duly Founded and Consecrated.
Growth has been steady and there are now seven Daughter Guild Lodges at labour in Scotland. In addition to the three Founding Guild Lodges, new Lodges have been established at Stewarton in Ayrshire, Alness in Invernesshire, Coatbridge in Lanarkshire and in the City of Perth itself.
Membership has grown steadily since 2001 and the Grand Sanhedrin itself has now held its 6th. Annual Assembly.
The Degrees of Guild Masonry.
Every Applicant to become a Guild Mason, must be a Master Mason in Good Standing of a Lodge holding of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, or of a Lodge holding of a Grand Lodge, recognized by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. In order to respect the jurisdiction of The Worshipful Society of Freemasons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Plaisterers and Bricklayers (The “Operatives” in England.), no candidate may be accepted who is resident in England and Wales.

The Degrees governed by the Grand Sanhedrin are as follows:-

1st. Degree - Indentured Apprentice.
2nd. Degree -Journeyman
3rd. Degree - Mark Mason
4th. Degree - Fore-Man
5th. Degree - Intendent or Wise Master
6th. Degree - Superintendent or Perfect Master
7th. Degree - Passed Master or Sublime Master

All Guild Masons may aspire to the Fore-Man Degree but admission to the 5th. and 6th. Degrees, depends on progress within a Guild Lodge and is by invitation only. Invitations to become members of the 5th. and 6th, Degrees are issued by the Sanhedrin of each Guild Lodge. The Sanhedrin of a Guild Lodge consists of those Members holding the 6th. and 7th. Degrees. The 7th. Degree is conferred only in Grand Sanhedrin itself and then solely by invitation from the Three Grand Masters.


The Regalia of Guild Masonry.

The Regalia worn by Guild Masons consists of only two items. An apron of tanned leather, or of a suitable substitute material, of any reasonable dimension since historically, operative stonemasons manufactured their own aprons, and a breast jewel. The apron is not worn centrally but over the left hip.

The breast jewel is suspended from various coloured ribbons depending upon the Rank of the holder. Those Guild Masons holding the 1st. to the 4th. Degrees wear the jewel suspended from blue ribbon, those of the 5th. and 6th. Degrees, wear it suspended from a red ribbon and the ribbon of the jewel of Passed Masters is gold in colour. Grand Officers wear the jewel of their Rank with the addition of a Crown placed on the ribbon. Illustrations of the various jewels are shown above.

The Officers of Grand Sanhedrin.

The complement of Grand Officers of the Grand Sanhedrin is as follows:-
The Grand First Master *
The Grand Second Master *
The Grand Third Master *
The Grand Chaplain **
The Grand Kirstwarden * (Treasurer)
The Grand Scribe & Scrivener *
The Grand Director of Ceremonies **
The Grand Clerk *
The Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies **
The Grand Deacon of the Guild **
The Grand Doorward Guard **
The Grand Sentinel **
* Elected by Grand Sanhedrin
** Appointed annually by the Grand First Master.
A Congress of Grand Stewards is Appointed annually
by the Grand Scribe & Scrivener, comprising,
The Grand Stewards.

The Daughter Guild Lodges holding of the Grand Sanhedrin.
Aberdeen Guild Lodge – Aberdeen
Glasgow & Auld West Guild Lodge – Glasgow
Moray Firth Guild Lodge – Rothes
The Bonnet Toon Guild Lodge - Stewarton
The Highland Guild Lodge – Alness
The Scoon & St. John’s Toune Guild Lodge – Perth
The Lanarkshire Guild Lodge – Coatbridge.

Enquiries are welcomed from all Master Masons (from all Jurisdictions) with respect to Grand Sanhedrin, individual Guild Lodge contacts or Membership queries and questions. Please e-mail to:-
R.W.B.Gavin McNab 7th
Grand Scribe and Scrivener
The Grand Sanhedrin of Scotland
Contact by e-mail:
Tel Mob:07919410129

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